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College chemistry was a difficult course for me, and meeting for tutoring twice a week this semester made all the difference. I was able to supplement what I learned in lecture and go over in detail the more difficult concepts and methods. Each of our sessions were focused and productive, and the practice exams you gave me were a huge help. Thank you so much!

Alexa, Manhattan NY

This is the second year you have tutored our daughter. Starting last year with weekly sessions when she had Algebra II, and continuing this year with PreCalc. It's clear you are dedicated because you prepare for each lesson before meeting, follow up on exam and quiz scores, even ask to review homework assignments so that you truly know what is happening with her academically. She finds the practice exams you make for her really valuable, and appreciates that she can email you questions in between sessions (and at no extra charge!) so that she doesn't have to wait until her next session to ask. Thank you!

Penelope, Brooklyn NY

After a scare on her first exam in Calculus AB we now have an A-, and our daughter is now accepted in to several colleges! Thank you so much!

Helen, Dallas TX

We appreciate the help you’ve given our son in Physics and Geometry this semester. It has made a huge difference - he was failing both subjects and after two months of working with you he is scoring A's and B's. The regular updates I get from you about his progress are reassuring, and I like that you are free to talk to me when needed. Thank you for all of your help. We would be so lost without you!

Katie, East Hampton NY

Your tutoring in College Physics I and II were key in maintaining my GPA so I didn’t lose my PreMed scholarship. Often during school lectures I had trouble understanding or following the professor, and it was invaluable that you could go over the same topics in new and different ways so that I could get it. And after the first exam  we learned the hard way that my professor liked to give “challenge” problems, ones that went a step beyond what was covered in class. Once we knew this you gave me likely challenge type problems that would be on the exam so I was prepared for the unexpected. The strategy worked and I am so grateful for all of your help.

David, Bronxville NY

Remote learning was not the best for our son. Last year his Algebra II was remote so he had big gaps in what he should have learned. That has made this year's PreCalc a real challenge for him. Throughout this semester you have reviewed the Algebra he should already know as it comes up, and even send him extra Algebra review problem sets so he can get up to speed. All of this while helping him stay on track in PreCalc. Thanks!

Natalie, Brooklyn

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